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Mango-banana milkshake mango-banana-shake

I’m not a huge fan of bananas. I’m a mango and melon girl. Alex often makes banana milkshake, works perfectly for her because she adores bananas, but unless she adds chocolate, it doesn’t really give me an adrenalin rush. Well, until one day last week.

We had a few cups of mango puree in the fridge left over from the Silom Sunrise that Speedy prepared last time we had guests and he didn’t want it to go to waste. We had a couple of overripe bananas too and, Speedy being Speedy, he finds it wasteful to throw out food (that’s why he has a hard time going on a diet — he’s forever eating leftovers). He combined the mango puree and the overripe bananas, added milk, ice and sugar and pureed everything in the blender and the result was magic.

Now, I’m a banana girl. If mangoes are added. And milk. And sugar.

Proportions? Equal amounts of mangoes and bananas, as far as I could tell (I was busy with something else while Speedy was preparing the milkshake). But both the mangoes and the bananas have to be very, very ripe and sweet. mango-banana-shake

How much milk? As much as the amount of combined mangoes and bananas. Full cream or skim? Ah, that depends on what you have and what your health requires, I suppose.

Sugar? To taste.

Ice? If your milk is cold, not much, really.

Just remember that because bananas discolor fast upon contact with air, it is best to drink up the milkshake within minutes after preparation.

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