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Mango and jelly (jango) dessert


These days, my kids spend more time experimenting in the kitchen than I do. I bought some almond-flavored jelly a few weeks ago intending to combine it with fresh ripe mangoes for dessert. My idea was to cut the jelly and the mangoes into cubes then toss them with a mixture of cream and sweetened condensed milk. Well, my 13-year-old daughter Sam got her hands on the jelly and mangoes first. And she had other ideas about how to turn them into a dessert.

I only saw her stirring the jelly in hot water. She only called me into the kitchen to ask permission to use the silicone tube pan that I had to grit my teeth to buy (expensive but worth it, really). After that, I left her to do her thing. About 20 minutes later, she came into the bedroom, handed me her digital camera with photos of her creation. Yep, she made the dessert and took photos as well. She was generous enough to share her recipe too. She calls it jango (jelly + mango = jango) dessert. I’ve told her so many times to start her own food blog but she what she did was to start a cat photo blog with her sister.

Ingredients :

2 boxes of almond-flavored jelly (we only use Alsa at home)
4 ripe mangoes, chilled
condensed milk

How to :

Prepare the jelly according to package directions, using milk for half of the required amount of liquid. Pour into a tube pan and allow to cool and set, preferably in the fridge.

Puree three ripe mangoes. Cut the fourth mango into small cubes.

When the jelly is firm, invert onto a plate. Fill the center “hole” with the mango cubes. Pour the puree on the rim around the “hole”, letting the puree drip on the sides of the jelly. Note that the tube pan Sam used has ridges on the sides, hence, the pattern when the puree dripped.

Before serving, drizzle some condensed milk all over the prepared dessert and enjoy. :)

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