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Make a great salad dressing with honey cider vinegar Ilog Maria's honey cider vinegar

This is not a paid post. We buy from Ilog Maria often at the Silang store and, sometimes, by door-to-door delivery because we love their products. The last time we were at their store, that day I took photos of the honeybee wind vane, Speedy bought a bottle of honey cider vinegar. But the cider vinegar story goes back longer than that.

Last year, Speedy read somewhere about the benefits of apple cider vinegar. It aids digestion, it hastens metabolism, etcetera etcetera. He bought a bottle of apple cider vinegar and we were supposed to drink a tablespoonful every day. We did, for a few days. Perhaps, as long as a few weeks. But when something doesn’t taste good, well, we kind of forget about the supposed health benefits. Drinking pure vinegar made me gag, actually. In short, the days we took our tablespoonful of apple cider vinegar became farther and farther apart and the apple cider vinegar ended up as an ingredient for adobo.

Still, you know, at the back of our minds, there was this lurking thought about health and cider vinegar. And then Speedy found Ilog Maria’s honey cider vinegar. The label said pretty much the same things that Speedy read about apple cider vinegar. We tasted the honey cider vinegar, there’s honey in it so it’s more sweet-sour than god-awful sour and we started taking a tablespoonful a day. Speedy still does, I think. But me? I’m really no good with anything that requires regularity. Except, perhaps, blogging. In short, I started forgetting about the tablespoonful of honey cider vinegar a day.

Earlier today, I was preparing lunch, we were having roast chicken and I was wondering what vegetable dish to serve with it. I’m not a fan of raw veggies but Speedy bought a new salad spinner (primarily, for Sam who loves vegetable salads) and I thought I should christen it. I dislike vinaigrette more than I dislike raw leafy vegetables and I was wondering what was the easiest salad dressing I could prepare that didn’t taste like vinaigrette. And I saw the bottle of honey cider vinegar. roast chicken and vegetable salad

And that was lunch. I will post the recipe for the roast chicken in a bit. Right now, let me sing praises to the best vinaigrette ever.

When you mix extra virgin olive oil with honey cider vinegar and you season it simply with salt and pepper, the result is a sweet-sour dressing that is definitely less sharper in the mouth. It rolls on the palate softly, caressing the taste buds rather than jolting them to attention. Something like the Vietnamese nuoc cham but without the complexity. Lighter and simpler which, for me, was better for a side salad because no heavy flavors competed with the main chicken dish. If I were serving the salad as a main dish, I’d have opted for nuoc cham but this was a side salad, not the star of the show and with no right to steal the thunder from the delectable roast chicken.

I don’t know if there are other makers of honey cider vinegar. If you want to try making salad dressing with it, well, I can only point you to Ilog Maria Honeybee Farm.

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