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Lunch for one: bacon cheeseburger

Lunch for one: bacon cheeseburger | casaveneracion.com

With everyone out of the house today, I thought I’d keep things simple and have leftovers for lunch. But I had a craving — a bad craving for meat. Since there was a pack of ground beef in the fridge and a couple of buns from last Sunday’s all-burger lunch, I decided to make a burger. Just a simple burger.

But then, I saw the container or alfalfa sprouts and decided to use them in lieu of the iceberg lettuce (which I really don’t like). It already seemed like it was going to be a rather fancy burger — why not go all out?

So, I took the bacon from the freezer and decided to cook my beef patty in bacon fat and make a burger sandwich with all the bells and whistles. Want to try it?


First, heat a pan and throw in the bacon which you can pre-cut for easier sandwich assembly. Cook the bacon until browned and crisp at which time it should have rendered enough fat to cook the burger in.


Scoop out the bacon and transfer to a plate.

Put the burger in the fat. Over high heat. About four minutes per side (because my burger was huge; make it three minutes per side for regular-sized patties). You want to sear it while the inside stays moist. See how I grill my burgers for more tips.


When the burger is done, turn off the heat. Lay your cheese on top of the burger.


Cover loosely and allow the meat to rest and the cheese to melt.


Meanwhile, start assembling your sandwich. Split the bun (and toast, optionally). Spread mayo on the bottom half of the bun. Top with alfalfa sprouts.


By the time you’re done with the bread and greens, the cheese should have melted.


Use a spatula to move the burger, cheese and all, to the bread.


Take the browned bacon and pile on top of the burger.

Lunch for one: bacon cheeseburger

And enjoy your sandwich. It’s 6.30 p.m. as I write this and I’m still full.

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