Dining Out

Lunch at Almon Marina


How much can you eat in a day? Last Saturday, we dedicated the afternoon to clothes, shoes and bags, ended up buying none of those but we ate all that our hearts desired. Looking back, it feels insane.

It started at lunch. We wanted to eat at a place where it wasn’t so crowded, we wanted good food but didn’t want wallet-breaking prices. We went to Almon Marina. I ordered the open-faced chicken sandwich that was served with mashed potato and vegetables, and I was more than happy with it.

Osso buco pasta at Almon MarinaAlex, always the pasta lover, chose the osso buco pasta dish. I tried a forkful of the stuff, I was so smitten that, the next day, I had two pieces of beef shanks simmering in white wine, tomato sauce and herbs to replicate the dish at home.

It was a huge success but I’ll hold off posting the recipe for a while as the osso buco pasta is so good and so special that it really deserves to be part of the Holiday 2014 collection. As a preview though, I will mention that I used fusilli (spirals), I placed an entire beef shank on top of the pasta and I dotted everything with gremolata before a very generous sprinkling of grated Parmesan. But more on my osso buco pasta later.

Pastrami sandwich at Almon MarinaSpeedy, the pastrami guy, had a pastrami sandwich. I don’t know if Almon Marina orders its pastrami or whether it makes its own, but the pastrami slices between the bread were so tender and moist with all those deep flavors that can only come with careful ageing. Yes, of course, I had a bite. Very good pastrami, in other words, and since Speedy happily ate it, I will presume that he found his sandwich as delectable as I did.

I should mention too that the potato chips on the side very obviously did not come from a pouch picked up at the grocery shelf. They were freshly made with real potatoes. How could I tell? Because we make potato chips at home.

Sam wasn’t with us, she did join us for dinner but where we had dinner deserves a post all its own. And what we ate and bought between lunch and dinner will be the subject of yet another post. Stay tuned.

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