It is the title of a 2007 movie (Spain) and it is also the name of a “tech house” album by Funk Farm. To me, limoncello means one of my favorite liqueurs. Produced mainly in the Sorrento area, limoncello is traditionally made with Sorrento lemons. From what I’ve read, the reason why limoncello does not have any sour taste is because it is made from lemon peel, not the juice nor the pulp. The lemon peel is soaked in alcohol then boiled with sugar and sugar.


Curiously, there are some recipes on the web that say whole lemons instead of lemon peel. That doesn’t make sense to me because if you boil the lemon — with the white pith under the skin — the boiling liquid will taste bitter.

Traditionally, limoncello is served chilled in a chilled glass. I’ve found other uses for limoncello though. I’ve added it to my rum cake, for instance, and made a wonderful cocktail drink with it.

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