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Kirkland’s non-alcoholic Margarita cocktail mix Kirkland's non-alcoholic Margarita cocktail mix

When serving cocktails drinks at a party, unless one hires a bartender to do the job, it’s almost always the case that one member of the family gets stuck mixing the drinks and, poor him, he misses out on the socialization part. It’s probably not a big deal if you have only a couple of guests but when you’re talking a dozen people plus your family, well, cutting and muddling limes, shaking and pouring non-stop, that’s a lot of work — not to mention the mess that accumulates. On such occasions, it makes sense to simply buy a prepared cocktail mix and just add ice and alcohol before serving.

I discovered Kirkland’s non-alcoholic Margarita cocktail mix at S&R. The price is PhP250.00 (about USD6.00 at current exchange rates) and the net weight is 59.2 fluid ounces. Allotting four fluid ounces per serving, you can make 14 to 15 glasses of Margarita with it. Just measure into a shaker, add tequila and ice, shake and serve. By the way, I rimmed the glass with celery salt. Worked beautifully. Kirkland's non-alcoholic Margarita cocktail mix

For those who prefer non-alcoholic drinks, just omit the tequila and the Margarita cocktail mix still tastes great. Without the kick, of course. But then, different strokes for different folks.

No cutting limes, no muddling, no slippery lime peels and seeds. It’s convenient and it does takes the guesswork out of making Margaritas. Of course, you trade the convenience for the ability to put your personal stamp on a Margarita that you can call your very personal specialty. But not everyone has the knack for mixing really good cocktails, so, it’s an option.

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