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King’s Chef Dimsum Kitchen

casaveneracion.com King's Chef Dimsum Kitchen

Not wanting to jostle with the expected Father’s Day crowd at the restaurants, we opted to have a late evening meal on Sunday before driving the girls back to the condo. Sam wanted to go to Han Pao Tea House but Han Pao closes at 10.00 p.m. and we would never have made it on time. We decided it would be CIFU or King’s Chef.

Since we’ve gone to CIFU before and thought we should try another new restaurant, Speedy drove straight to King’s Chef. It was raining, it was crowded, we weren’t sure if we could get a table so I went in first to inquire. It was almost 10.00 p.m., a lot of diners were already on their way out and I managed to get a table for four. Sam and Alex came in shortly after me while Speedy went to find a spot in the parking lot.

We decided to go up to the second floor where we thought it would be less crowded. But it was chaos just the same with empty tables that still needed to be cleared of used plates and glasses. We waited patiently nonetheless rather then go back to the pick-up and drive around in the rain looking for a less crowded restaurant. Besides, we were told that King’s Chef had good dim sum and, between 9.00 p.m. and midnight, dim sum items were half the price (you have to read ’till the very end for an assessment on the discounted prices).

We had already ordered a few items when Speedy arrived. We ordered some more and then we waited.

casaveneracion.com King's Chef Dimsum Kitchen

There were mixed seafood dumplings…

casaveneracion.com King's Chef Dimsum Kitchen

…bean curd rolls, spare ribs and sio mai.

And they were all good.

casaveneracion.com King's Chef Dimsum Kitchen

The bean curd rolls were packed with filling. Same was true for the sio mai.

casaveneracion.com King's Chef Dimsum Kitchen

The asado siopao had light airy bread and the filling was tasty and generous. The bola-bola siopao was just as good.

And then, the bad news came. About three or four other dim sum items that we ordered were no longer available. No more buchi, no shrimp dumplings, no machang… Anyway… substitutions were made.

casaveneracion.com King's Chef Dimsum Kitchen

The Chinese chive dumplings and siao long bao were both delicious.

casaveneracion.com King's Chef Dimsum Kitchen

The Chinese chive dumpling filling was a good proportion between meat and greens.

casaveneracion.com King's Chef Dimsum Kitchen

Sam had shrimp dumpling noodle soup…

casaveneracion.com King's Chef Dimsum Kitchen

… and because it was Speedy’s birthday, we had noodles served with soup on the side.

All in all, the food was good. We were not so crazy about the noodles which tasted undercooked but the dim sum items were terrifically good — comparable to Causeway’s. No complaints in that department.

But the service wasn’t all that impressive. We had to ask for the house tea, drinking water and the iced tea that Sam ordered several times.

And I’m wondering about the discounted prices… The total bill was PHP960.00 (about US$20.00). All the dim sum items were at 50% off and only the two noodle dishes and the iced tea were regularly priced. Whenever we go to Causeway Seafood Restaurant, we order just as much at REGULAR PRICES (we never make it to their 9.00 to 11.00 p.m. discount hours) — in fact, we order more non-dim sum items at Causeway — and the bill has been about the same.

So, I’m wondering if the “promo prices” are more apparent than real. It just seems to me that the dim sum items at King’s Chef are priced higher then they have “promo prices” at specified hours which make it seem that the prices are really cheaper than their competitors’.

P.S. King’s Chef is at 989 Banawe St. Quezon City, beside Starbucks.

P.P.S. Alex’s treat: coffee and pastries at Seattle’s Best.


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