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King Bee Chinese Restaurant

If there’s one deplorable fact about living in the suburb, it’s the shortage on good restaurants. In Antipolo, there’s Vieux Chalet and not much else. I especially missed eating in good Chinese restaurants. There’s Luyong in Marikina and Charlie’s along Marcos Highway but neither measures up to the standards of authentic Chinese grub. But all that has changed. We have a new addiction and it’s called King Bee.


Located along Marcos Highway (between Sta. Lucia East Mall and the Masinag-Sumulong junction), it offers the kind of Chinese food that makes you come back for more again and again. We noticed it several weeks ago, promised ourselves we’d go but never got around to it. Then, it was recommended by the manager of the Antipolo branch of EastWest Bank. We tried King Bee once and we’ve gone back a second time.

Because our younger daughter Alex was with us the second time, sweet and sour pork was a must. So was yang chow fried rice.

Me? I’m on a low-fat diet, remember? I had one piece of sweet and sour pork and about four tablespoonfuls of yang chow then stayed with dishes that were safer for me.


I didn’t touch the hakaw (above, left), or shrimp dumplings, because of an allergy but I had a piece of the kutsay (Chinese chives sometimes called Chinese leeks) dumpling (above, right).


Then, one of my favorite steamed dumplings — bean curd skins stuffed with meat and vegetables.


I also had a piece of shark’s fin siomai.


What I didn’t feel guilty about was eating several pieces of the fish fillets with black bean sauce. The fish fillets weren’t fried but merely braised so the dish wasn’t oily at all.

Our older Sam wasn’t with us so we ordered take-out — asado siopao and lemon chicken.

One highlight of our second time at King Bee was when my husband, Speedy, noticed a familiar face at the table behind us. He was so sure that the woman was the owner of Han Pao Restaurant at the Liberty Plaza along Shaw Boulevard in Mandaluyong. We chatted with the restaurant manager who confirmed Speedy’s theory. Now we no longer wonder why food at King Bee is that good. We’ve been Han Pao regulars for over a decade and we’re happy to have a King Bee nearby.

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