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Kesong puti (white cheese) from Rizal Dairy

The obsession over reproducing at home that glorious pesto, tomatoes and kesong puti sandwich that I had at Manna Bakery a couple of weeks ago finally led me to Rizal Dairy where I ought to have gone a long time ago. Rizal Dairy not only makes kesong puti, it also makes mozzarella and ricotta cheeses, plain and flavored yogurt, home-cured ham and bacon, and artisan breads. The main outlet is less than ten minutes’ drive from our house. Kesong puti (white cheese) from Rizal Dairy

I first heard about Rizal Dairy from Susan Hassig, the owner of Vieux Chalet. I mentioned that we had been looking for a good source of cheeses and she told me that her stepdaughter owns and operates Rizal Dairy. That was more than two years ago. It wasn’t until the recent fair at my kids’ school did I remember that bit of information. There was a Rizal Dairy stall at the fair and, surprise! surprise!, the owner’s son goes to the same school as my girls. Not only that — Rizal Dairy’s main outlet is located in the same subdivision as the school.

Finally, yesterday, my husband and I went to check out Rizal Dairy’s line of goods. Because it’s our first time to try Rizal Dairy’s products, I made sure that I did not go overboard with my purchases. It’s wasn’t easy. There were all those cheeses, jams, fresh milk… But a little restraint was a good idea. Kesong puti (white cheese), tomatoes and pesto sandwich

The kesong puti was put to the test last night and it was great. My younger girl Alex found the mango-flavored yogurt a bit sour but I think that’s because she has gotten used to commercial yogurts. Tomorrow, I’ll get creative with the mozzarella balls in brine. Perhaps, a salad. Or, maybe, that cannelloni that is long overdue.

What’s so special about Rizal Dairy’s products anyway? Kesong puti is not impossible to find, milk and cheeses can be had from most supermarkets, and jams are a-plenty even in small grocery stores. Well, Rizal Dairy’s cows aren’t injected with hormones nor antibiotics, the fruits and vegetables aren’t sprayed with pesticides.

Rizal Dairy is located at No. 5, Magnolia Drive, Beverly Hills Subdivision, Antipolo. There is also an outlet at Market! Market! in Global City.

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