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How to make: Kaya toast, Singapore’s national breakfast dish kaya-toast

I spent my last day in Singapore taking the train from the airport to the Singapore IT Expo (SITEX) and back. There was a “left baggage” service where I dumped my bags for a fee so I could spend the morning hunting for camera lenses at, hopefully, bargain prices.

SITEX was one crowded place and the day was terribly humid. I lasted there for about an hour. By the time I got back to the airport at around 11 a.m., despite the heavy breakfast on the cruise ship, I was starving. I bought a book at from the airport book stall thinking that I could spend the waiting hours reading after I’ve eaten.

Then, I realized it was my last day in Singapore and I still hadn’t tried what most people say is the tiny nation’s national breakfast dish — kaya toast. And I decided that was what I would have.

Kaya toast is toasted (grilled, traditionally) bread filled with kaya and butter. Kaya is a jam or custard, whichever way you want to label it, made from eggs, sugar and coconut milk. The toast is served with soft boiled eggs (with soy paste and pepper on the side) and coffee. Loved it. So much. I wanted to bring kaya toast home with me. With coconut jam so easily available in the Philippines, making kaya toast at home is a cinch because the filling is ready is less than ten minutes. No need to make it from scratch. Kaya toast

Yesterday was the second time I made kaya toast at home. I had them for brunch — toast, eggs and coffee.


  • loaf bread (2 to 4 per person)
    coconut jam (available in markets, supermarkets and just about anywhere in this country)
    soft boiled eggs (1 to 2 per person)
    1 egg per 1/4 c. of coconut jam, beaten

Instructions Kaya toast

  1. Over simmering water, soften the coconut jam so that it can be easily stirred. Kaya toast

    Add beaten eggs to the warmed coconut jam and stir to incorporate the eggs completely.

    Simmer the mixture until thickened and resembles a soft curd. Kaya toast

    Spread the custard jam on toasted bread. Top with butter.

    Cover the bread with another piece of toasted bread and cut in halves. Kaya toast

    Serve the kaya toast with soft boiled eggs and coffee.

    How you season your soft boiled eggs is up to you. I like light soy sauce and chili sauce together. They really do magic to the eggs.

Cooking time (duration): 10 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 1

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