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Oh, my! The kaffir lime tree in the garden is nearly 10 feet high!

casaveneracion.com kaffir lime tree in the garden

Our kaffir lime plant came in a pot. It was so small; about six inches high. It was a replacement for the one that died — the one we uprooted from the garden of the old house and replanted here. I couldn’t live without fresh kaffir lime leaves so we bought, by special order if I remember correctly, from the Manila Seedling Bank. We replanted it directly in the ground and, to avoid the temptation of picking the leaves, I bought a jar of dried kaffir lime leaves to use for cooking until such time that I could safely pick fresh ones from the garden again.

Months passed, a year, maybe two years… Last week, when I was cooking the curried pork, spinach and rice casserole, Speedy was in the garden and I asked him to snip a couple of kaffir lime leaves for me. To my surprise, the leaves he handed me were larger than usual. Whoa. It appears that the kaffir lime tree has grown so much that we not only have small tender leaves but large ones as well.

casaveneracion.com kaffir lime tree in the garden

The funny thing is that I never knew. When I pick kaffir lime leaves, I go directly to the shrubby growth near the ground and pick from there. Although I have noticed that tall thin tree behind the shrub, I never really inspected what it was and I thought it was one of those overgrown neglected decorative plants in the garden. Then, Speedy told me that was the kaffir lime tree.

casaveneracion.com kaffir lime tree in the garden

Amazing. I wish there were more branches though so it would look more tree-like rather than a thin scarecrow with outstretched arms. But I’m not complaining. It wasn’t easy growing the thing, to start with, and to see how it has grown that much is really, really a happy thing.

Now that I can pick all the kaffir lime leaves that I need and want, the next step, quite naturally, is to wait for the tree to grow flowers then fruits. Soon, I hope.

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