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Our kaffir lime tree is bearing fruits

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Our kaffir lime tree is bearing fruits


There’s a bug going around, Speedy was the first to catch it, then I caught it and, late last night, it looks like Alex is the latest victim. She might have been spared but she decided to come home in the middle of the week (Wednesday was a holiday) with her friends Iya and Chesca, and they had a sleepover. I can only hope that her tiredness is really just a need for rest and sleep rather than a viral infection. It’s final exam week and the worst time for her to get sick.

We're feeling sexy and free! Antipolo sleepover tonight. #bawaldiet???

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Not feeling well. No-cook breakfast courtesy of the neighborhood taho vendor

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For Speedy and I, sick or not, chores need to be done. Someone has to do the cooking (breakfast was, fortunately, a no-cook affair), someone has to wash the dishes, someone has to water the plants… And it was while Speedy was watering the plants this morning that he discovered that our kaffir lime tree is now bearing fruits. As woozy as we felt, we couldn’t contain our excitement. He took photos, some of the kaffir limes will be ready for picking in a few weeks while the rest are still too small. But there are so, so many fruits growing.

That’s just one of the many clusters in the tree. I can count twenty but more are hidden behind the leaves.

We’ve been using kaffir lime leaves for cooking for years but what to do with the fruit — with all those fruit, in fact? I’ve never used kaffir limes for cooking before. Regular limes, yes, we’ve put the produce of our lime tree to so many good uses, among them:

Skillet chicken with lime, orange and herbs
Fish soup with tamarind leaves and lime
Iced jasmine tea with fresh lime
Sweet potatoes and bacon salad with lime and honey dressing

But kaffir lime? What to do with kaffir lime? A little Googling helped and I found two interesting kaffir lime cooking projects: kaffir lime, ginger, star anise sorbet and kaffir marmalade.

Now, it’s just a matter of waiting for the kaffir limes hanging down those tree branches to ripen.

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