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Kaffir Lime Juice Mimosa



If you like veering away from the traditional, try making kaffir lime juice mimosa and be amazed at how three ingredients can be transformed into an unforgettable cocktail drink.

Kaffir Lime Juice Mimosa

The traditional definition of a mimosa cocktail is a drink made with equal parts orange juice and champagne. But that doesn’t mean there is no elbow room to wiggle in from that strict definition. Some recipes add triple sec; others include a wee amount of orange liqueur for depth. Even the orange juice can be substituted with some other citrus juice.

What cannot be excluded is sparkling wine. Champagne is traditional but remember that champagne is just a regional designation for sparkling wine produced in Champagne, France. You can make mimosa with other sparkling wine like prosecco and asti (from Italy), espumante (from Portugal) or cava (from Spain).

But why kaffir lime juice? Oh, because our kaffir lime tree is once again heavy with fruits. Alex and I have been checking the clusters, and I have even started to squeeze the fruits almost everyday to check if they are ripe for picking. Well, today is the day. I plucked a few and made my kaffir lime juice mimosa.

Won’t regular lime juice do? Yes, it will.

But isn’t lime juice much too tart? The reason why orange juice and sparkling wine with nothing else work is because undiluted orange juice is sweet enough to drink by itself. Yes, lime juice is much tarter than orange juice. That’s why I mentioned earlier that it takes three ingredients to make this drink. The third ingredient is sugar. Not simple syrup as that will water down the flavor of the lime juice. Sugar. Plain white sugar.

How much sugar? That depends on the sweetness of the sparkling wine. They come in varying levels of sweetness.

Kaffir Lime Juice Mimosa

Kaffir Lime Juice Mimosa

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 3


  • 3 kaffir limes
  • sugar to taste
  • sparkling wine well chilled
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  • Squeeze the juice from the kaffir limes. Strain, if necessary. Stir in enough sugar to create a good balance with the tartness.
  • Divide the sweetened kaffir lime juice among three glasses.
  • Pour chilled sparkling wine to fill up the glasses.
  • Serve the kaffir lime juice mimosa at once.
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Kaffir Lime Juice Mimosa