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Jun & Jun’s Cebu Lechon Plaza at Global City

casaveneracion.com Jun & Jun's Cebu Lechon Plaza at Global City

About two weeks ago, Speedy and I went out for the day without any real plans as to where we were going and where we would eat. By the time we reached Pasig City, I remembered Cafe Juanita and I told Speedy we could have lunch there. The place was packed, parking was impossible so we drove off to Global City.

The first thing that came to mind was lechon, we had passed a Cebu Lechon place beside S&R a thousand times and I suggested that we go there. I like Cebu-style lechon, seasoned rather than bland so that there is no need for the usual sweet-sour liver sauce. We ordered a soup and half a kilo of lechon and waited.


The soup, pochero de Cebu, was the Cebuano version of bulalo but without the bone marrow. Not falling off the bones good but good.


The broth was tasty without being too overwhelming with too many spices, the chunk of beef was generous and the amount of white cabbage and sweet yellow corn was just enough.

Then came the main event. Cebu-style lechon.


The meat was well-seasoned (a bit too salty, actually, but still okay) but the pork skin was chewy. CHEWY!!! What the heck! It was only around 1.00 p.m., there were few other customers aside from us and we were served lechon with CHEWY!!! skin.


In a country where the first part of the lechon that disappears fast is the skin, the skin was what got left behind — and uneaten. Terrible. If there is someone you’d like to diss big time, recommend the place to him or her.

And the biggest bummer of all? As we drove off to go to McKinley Hill, we passed a Cafe Juanita. Darn, so there’s a branch at Global City. Had we known, we would have gone there instead of punishing ourselves with CHEWY!!! lechon skin.

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