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It’s Speedy’s birthday. We had lunch at Brad & Pit’s Ribshack.

It’s Speedy’s birthday. We had lunch at Brad & Pit’s Ribshack. | casaveneracion.com

We don’t celebrate birthdays the way most people do. In our family, it’s more of “birthweek” or even “birthmonth”. It’s Speedy’s birthday today but the celebration began last weekend with a dinner at Vikings. Both Sam and Alex wouldn’t be home on the exact date of Speedy’s birthday, next Sunday will be Father’s Day and restaurants in every price range will like be full, so we celebrated as a family in advance.

Today, it’s just Speedy and me at home, I asked him where he wanted me to treat him to lunch, I suggested a few places but he was firm about one thing — he did not want to drive down to Metro Manila. He got traumatized (again!) yesterday when what should have been a quick trip to Quezon City lasted the entire afternoon and the early part of the evening. And we were all traumatized a day before that when the early morning traffic made Alex miss her flight to Cebu. Seriously… four hours to the airport?

Speedy was willing to drive only as far as Marikina. Strictly speaking, Marikina is part of Metro Manila but because it is adjacent to Antipolo, it’s not far at all. And the traffic going there is really negligible compared to, say, traffic between Antipolo and Quezon City or, worse, between Antipolo and Makati. I Googled for Marikina restaurants, came up with a list and Speedy chose Brad & Pit’s Ribshack. We’d never heard of it before and I have to admit that the choice was based on the name alone. Speedy AND Brad Pitt… it’s an old but persistent story.


We drove to Marikina for a late lunch. The topmost photo shows the full menu. Yes, very inexpensive. But that didn’t scare us because we have long ago learned that low prices don’t always mean low quality. Neither are we the kind of people who think it’s not good for the image to be seen dining in restaurants where the prices don’t break the wallet. The thing is, we’ve eaten in more expensive restaurants and felt we just wasted our money (Amici and Fely J’s, just to name a few). We’ve also eaten in eateries with no air-conditioner where we sat in rough benches but still felt happy because the food is just darn good (try Genia’s in Marikina).


At Brad & Pit’s Ribshack, we ordered ribs and chicken wings. Speedy considered ordering the ribs mountain for us to share but I wanted to sample the chicken too. So, we agreed on ribs (original combo in the menu) chicken (Caribbean wings combo). Then, we shared.


The ribs were so tender. No need to use a knife at all. The seasoning was sweet and tangy, and there was just enough sauce to coat but not drown the meat. Just lovely.


The chicken wings were not as tender but the (obvious) deep frying gave them a very good texture. I wasn’t so smitten with the sauce at first but then I tried eating the chicken with the garlic mayo and all was good.


Yes, that good.

But what about coffee and dessert? Ah, we went somewhere else and that’s another story.


Brad & Pit’s Ribshack is at 116 Lilac Street, Marikina, almost at the boundary that separates Marikina from Antipolo.

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