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Is there such a thing as weird pizza?

Several months ago, I posted an entry about a local pasta and pizza restaurant and how I love their pizza. Some readers shared my sentiment; others didn’t. The strange part was how, as the discussion in the comment thread progressed, the definition of “good pizza” was suddenly about authentic Italian pizza. You know, lines like “If you want real pizza…” It was tempting to ask what “real pizza” meant. Even Italian pizza varies from region to region.

Of course, there are purists and there are purists and I really think that many of them are just high-browing their way through life, you know? Like, there’s a blogger who once wrote that chicken inasal is not real chicken inasal unless it is accompanied by beer. Of course, he was mocking every chicken inasal found outside Bacolod City. That, for me, illustrates the narrow mind — the combined inability and unwillingness to try and expand concepts that one has grown up with. The narrow-mindedness is played out as some sort of authority and superior taste.

But then that last statement will just be interpreted by my many detractors as an excuse for my brand of bastardized cooking which, had I been a real chef, would be elevated to the status of fusion cooking. That’s just the way people are. Like, there was this Europe-based Filipina food blogger who once told me in a mailing list that she had been asked by some European food bloggers why Pinoy Cook was so hot when I wasn’t even good. Whether that meant I wasn’t a good cook or a good blogger, I wasn’t sure. But since I rarely pay attention to envious (and obviously catty) comments like that, I told the Filipina blogger to tell her European friends that my food blog is hot because I cook in the nude. And I never heard from her again.

Anyway, all that came to mind when I came across an entry about the Top 10 Crazy Asian Pizza Crusts. The gal who wrote the blog entry, a food blogger like me, says at the end of the entry, I’d also like to point out that, even though I label these pizzas as “weird,” that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to eat them. Hell, I want to try every single one! Now, that’s the kind of attitude that I like.

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