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Today’s specials: Iced coffee topped with UPLB-DTRI’s fresh milk and linguine aglio e olio with crumbled kesong puti

Today’s specials: Iced coffee topped with UPLB-DTRI’s fresh milk and linguine aglio e olio with crumbled kesong puti |

All day Saturday while we were in Laguna, I was trying to call Alex to tell her that we could pick her up at the condo on our way back. I wanted to know if she’d be free by early evening to go home.

But Alex had classes and she wasn’t able to return my call until around 3.00 p.m. while the SNAP Hydroponics demonstration portion of the Lotus Pod Agritour was in full swing. We had a short conversation, I told her we were in U.P. Los Baños and, upon hearing that, she immediately asked that we buy fresh milk and kesong puti from the DTRI (Dairy Training and Research Institute) Dairy Bar.

I automatically said yes without realizing that there might be no time to get to the DTRI Dairy Bar before it closed. The agritour schedule got screwed because of traffic from Manila to Laguna, activities were rearranged and although the last scheduled activity was a free time to shop at the DTRI Dairy Bar, by 3.00 p.m., it started to look like there wouldn’t be any free time left. There was the vermi-composting lecture after SNAP Hydroponics and who knew what time we’d finish?

But luck was on Alex’s side. The informal Q&A portion of the vermi-compost lecture was wrapping up when the resource speakers asked if anyone was planning on going to DTRI because it would close at 6.30 p.m. I never knew it stayed open that late. It wasn’t quite five o’clock yet so we had all the time we needed.

We drove to DTRI and bought fresh milk and kesong puti. And it felt good because we had never gone to U.P. Los Baños without passing by DTRI and doing that. On some occasions, we added chocolate milk and ice cream to our loot, but the only staples were the fresh milk and kesong puti. It was half of our U.P. Los Baños ritual, and traffic almost broke it.

Half? Yes, half. The other half is visiting the old kapok tree. But it was okay not to visit the tree last Saturday because Alex wasn’t with us. We visit only when all four of us are together.

It’s early Tuesday morning as I write this, Alex had gone back to the condo 24 hours earlier but not before getting her fill of DTRI’s fresh milk and making a sandwich with kesong puti filling. Childhood relived with comfort food. uplb-dtri-fresh-milk-iced-coffee

Sam is not as much of a milk drinker the way her sister is, there was still a lot of milk left so I made iced coffee and topped it with a hefty splash of cold fresh milk. So good.

And the kesong puti? We just finished the last block for our midnight snack. Earlier, I crumbled a few slices and added them to our pasta dish. Linguine aglio e olio with bacon topped with crumbled kesong puti. Phenomenal.

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