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I like kids with spirit, but this is too much

From grade school through law school, there were teachers I wanted to do bad things to. Slap them, trip them down the stairs, maybe pay a mangkukulam to give them a bad rash or a month-long diarrhea… But save for the times when I answered back in what convention considered a disrespectful manner, I never did them physical harm. Of course, I brought an administrative complaint against a high school teacher for which she got a reprimand but that was it.

Was I chicken compared to these nine-year-old kids who “brought a broken steak knife, handcuffs and electrical tape to school in a plot to injure their teacher”?

From Reuters:

Teachers at Center Elementary School in Waycross, Georgia, uncovered the plot on Friday when a pupil reported that a child in the third grade had brought a weapon into the school.

“The plan was to handcuff the teacher, put tape over her mouth and hit her over the head with the paperweight and possibly cut her,” said Lt. Duane Caswell of Waycross police, adding that some students said the knife was simply there to cut the tape.

“It was a rather elaborate scheme for children of that age,” he said.

The students spent a week planning the attack and planned to carry it out on the day they were caught, Caswell said.

Handcuffs? Any of the students’ parents a cop?

What the Reuters report did not mention was what drove the children to do it. According to Waycross Journal (via SchoolFinder), the target teacher, Belle Carter, is “teacher of the year” who is due to “retire at the end of the school year after about 30 years in the education field.” Carter specializes in educating children with learning disabilities but the Waycross Journal report quotes the principal who says none of those involved were special children. The same report says that the student who reported the whole thing got threatened with a knife.

What’s this? Watching too much violence on TV and the internet or experiencing too much violence in real life?

Uncommon Misconceptions has a nice rebuttal to the school principal’s claim that the incident was isolated and an aberration.

Via Mark‘s Twitter.

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