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How to wrap and fold wontons, Kylie Kwong style

How to wrap and fold wontons, Kylie Kwong style |

Wonton goes into the broth. Other times, it is deep fried. It should not be confused with shaomai (siu mai, siomai), the pork dumpling with open tops one finds in dim sum carts and usually served for yum cha.

We had wonton soup for lunch today but before I post the wonton recipe, let me provide this simple tutorial on how to wrap and fold wontons. One website says there are several ways of wrapping and folding wonton. I did it the way Kylie Kwong did in one of the episodes of her My China series on her TV show. How to wrap and fold wontons

First, you need wrappers. You can make your own or you can buy them in packs of 100 in supermarkets or Oriental stores. Wonton skins come in different sizes. I prefer the medium ones. Choose the size that you think you can work with best. How to wrap and fold wontons

When working the wonton skins, it is important not to separate them all at once. Wonton skins dry up fast. Take four or five first and cover the remaining stack with a damp tea towel. When you’ve finished filling and wrapping one batch, take more from the stack and work on another batch, and so on. How to wrap and fold wontons

Do not be tempted to use too much filling. How well made a wonton is does not depend on the amount of filling but, rather, on the quality of the filling and the wonton itself — meaning, the wonton must hold its shape after cooking. Use only a teaspoonful of filling per wonton so that you can fold and wrap it comfortably without the skin bursting. How to wrap and fold wontons

When making wontons, it is a good idea to have a cup of water within reach. The edges of the wonton skin must be wet lightly with water before folding to make sure the wonton is completely sealed. How to wrap and fold wontons

As you fold the wonton to seal, press around the filling to make sure there are no air pockets inside. Make sure that the filling does not extend all the way to the top (where there should be half an inch allowance) and on the sides because you will still have to fold them over. How to wrap and fold wontons

Fold over the top of the wonton to make a collar. How to wrap and fold wontons

Turn the wonton over in your hand and fold the sides inward so that they overlap. Wet the portion where the sides meet and pinch to close and seal. How to wrap and fold wontons

If you have done things right so far, you should have a wonton like this. How to wrap and fold wontons

Repeat the process until you have enough wontons to satisfy the people you intend to serve them to.

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