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How to roast and skin chili and bell peppers

How to roast and skin chili and bell peppers

If you like ordering chili relleno and cheese sticks with chili strips in restaurants, you must have noticed that no chili skin gets stuck on your tongue or, worse, on the roof of your mouth. That’s because they have been skinned.

To loosen the flesh from the skin, you have to shock the chili with intense heat. You can either do this by blanching, steaming, broiling or roasting on open flame.

Skinning chili is exactly the same as skinning bell peppers. I’m using bell peppers in this entry; just follow the same procedure for skinning chili.

First, you need to loosen the skin. I like roasting bell peppers on open flame. A fish basket is very useful. Just leave them to scorch, flipping over occasionally.

Once the flesh softens a bit, the skin easily comes off. Scrape off any remaining bits of scorched skin.

Slit the bell pepper (or chili) with a sharp pointed knife and scrape off the membranes and seeds.