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How to make grocery lists

Shopping styles vary. I, for one, am not a list freak. I prefer to go to the grocery, see what’s good, choose and buy. But when I’m stuck at home with work and Speedy’s going out, I ask him to pass by the grocery for whatever we need. It saves on gas and, more importantly, time which no one seems to have enough of. In those instances, making a shopping list makes sense. In this age of digital communication, that means making the list on my mobile phone and sending it as a SMS to Speedy’s mobile phone.

But, lately, Globe (our telecom of choice, fortunately or unfortunately), has been giving us the griefs. Calls don’t go through (the receiver’s phone would ring for a split second and nothing more while from the sender’s end, continuous ringing is heard), SMS are not received (or, if they are, there is an interval of several hours between the time the message is sent and the time it is received) and, sometimes, the signal just goes dead. I thought for a while that it had something to do with the location of our house (boondock, after all) until I started seeing posts on Facebook about similar experiences of friends who live and work in the city.

In short, writing down grocery lists — on a pad with a pen or pencil — has become fashionable in our house again. grocery list

Last month, Sam gave me this mini pad and pencil. Out of nowhere. No special reason. She just wanted to. I was surprised because she likes to keep cute things like a collection. You know, even when she has no special use for them. But, more than that, I was surprised that she gave me the pencil which she has kept for more than four years.

What’s so special about the pencil? It’s cute, sure, but it doesn’t look particularly expensive nor unique. No, it probably isn’t expensive. But it is unique because it has a special significance. It was a “prize” for winning third place in an essay contest. When Sam was a senior in high school, there was an essay contest for Linggo ng Wika (National Language Week), she wrote an essay with one eye closed (joining was required) and she won third place. In the poetry writing division, Alex wrote a poem, also with one eye closed, won a special award for the “cutest” poem and got a small writing pad for a prize.

The pencil then is priceless. My daughter gave me something that’s priceless to her. The gesture itself is even more priceless than the pencil.

I keep the pencil and the pad beside my computer. I make grocery lists with them. Kinda makes something as mundane as making a grocery list a joy. Picking up the pencil and opening the pad never fail to put a smile on my face.

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