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How to clean, trim and prepare pig’s tongue pork-tongue

Beef tongue is more well-known but because of the high price that it commands, beef tongue dishes are often considered “for special occasions” only.

But did you know that pork tongue is also delicious but costs much less? It’s true. But because they are much smaller, there’s more preparation involved. The basic steps are the same — remove the slimy film that often coats the skin, trim off everything that isn’t edible, boil and remove the skin. Unlike beef tongue, however, the skin of the pig’s tongue cannot be peeled off. Rather, it has to be scraped off. pork-tongue2

I was going to prepare a step-by-step illustrated guide — in fact, I started marking the photos with arrows — when I found a very good video on YouTube. The audio is in Chinese but don’t worry because even with the audio off, the visuals are enough to learn how to clean, trim and prepare pig’s tongue for cooking.

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