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How I salvaged my failed pommes Anna by making a soup

How I salvaged my failed pommes Anna by making a soup |

Pommes Anna. Classic French potato dish. I saw Laura Calder make her version on her cooking show, I reproduced it at home and it didn’t turn out well. The potatoes were still underdone after I took them out of the oven. Perhaps, I used the wrong potato variety. Perhaps, the baking pan should have stayed in the oven a little longer. Perhaps… Well, the not-too-good result could have been due to some other thing or a dozen other things. I didn’t really care at that point.

What I did care about was not letting the potatoes go to waste. All that cream, all that butter, all those wonderful herbs. So, I made a soup out of the baked potatoes. And the soup was so good it didn’t taste nor look anything like the result of a salvage operation.

How did I make the soup?

Okay, the following is not the usual recipe format. I mean, I could hardly list “failed pommes Anna” among the ingredients. That’s like saying make pommes Anna first, make sure it doesn’t turn out well and then make it into a soup. Oh boy, that sounds even worse than a failed dish. So, this is really just a recap of what I did with the failed pommes Anna. If you want soup recipes using pureed potatoes, check out the list at the end of this post.

First, I cut some bacon into thin strips. I pan fried them until crisp then set them aside. Then, in the bacon fat, I tossed in bread cubes. The bacon wasn’t too fatty so I had to add olive oil. I sprinkled the bread with a little salt and cooked them until crisp. Croutons.

I heated homemade broth in a pot and threw in the pommes Anna gone wrong. When heated through, I poured everything into the blender and made a puree. I poured the puree back into the pot, adjusted the seasonings and simmered it until thick.

Potato soup with bacon and croutons

I ladled the soup into bowls, I topped the bowls of soup with bacon and croutons and, as a finishing touch, some chopped parsley and a drizzle of cream.

And there it is. My potato and bacon soup with croutons and cream.

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