Mommy Talks


The weekend was all about housekeeping. A portion of the parquet flooring in my study had to be repaired. In the garden, Speedy started installing lights and Sam was his assistant for an hour or so. We chose pendant capiz lamps a long time ago. Four had been installed in the gazebo but the rest of the garden is still bathed in darkness at night so we really need the additional lights, pronto. Capiz lamps for the garden

Come to think of it, work in several parts of the house started about 10 days ago with the installation of wallpaper in the dining area. On the same day, the bald spot in the garden… Garden lawn

… was filled in and grass laid over it. Home garden

Today, work in the living area began. I’m having it repainted in orange. Red orange, to be more precise, to match the flowers in the wallpaper on the walls of the dining area. Naturally, I wanted to personally supervise the mixing of the paint. Too pink

Too pink. I want something red orange-y. Add more red acrylic

More red acrylic was added to the mixture… And more yellow acrylic

… and a little more yellow… Almost red orange

That’s almost the shade I want. Almost. Some more adjustments and we tried it on the wall. Paint swatch by the window


I think I was driving the pintor nuts with my specifications but, hey, better ma-angas than sorry.

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