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House of Lasagna

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Two weeks ago, we were in Greenhills for clothes. Speedy’s nephew was getting married the next day and, Speedy, a principal sponsor at the wedding, was picking up his barong Tagalog from his tailor. Sam had nothing to wear so we decided to shop there too. Alex went with her father; Sam and I scoured the boutiques.

The arrangement was that we would text Speedy and Alex when we were done, and we’d meet someplace where we’d have dinner. Sam bought a skirt and shoes in less than an hour and a half (and that’s a record-breaker because Sam used to take half a day choosing a pair of shoes). I asked her first where she’d like to eat because, being vegetarian, the choice would have to be a place that served vegetarian-friendly food even if not strictly vegetarian. I suggested Luk Yuen because there was at least two things in the menu that she could eat.

We were standing almost in front of Luk Yuen when, at the other end of the complex next door to Bo’s Coffee, Sam spotted House of Lasagna and said we could go there. We had never been there before and I was surprised that Sam suggested it when there was a Vietnamese restaurant to our right. Sam usually scoffs at pasta. It’s Alex who adores pasta. And they used to argue to the high heavens when choosing where to eat. But Sam was sure about her choice so I told her to text her sister and tell her where to meet us. While she was texting, I was thinking that I couldn’t remember the last time when deciding where to eat had been that fast and painless. Happy mommy, me.

We took a table and, after Speedy and Alex arrived, we looked at the menu. We noted that every pasta dish had three prices — single, half tray and whole tray. Sam chose the vegetarian lasagna, Alex ordered the three-cheese lasagna, Speedy had Southern fried chicken and I went for spaghetti with meatballs.

Vegetarian lasagna at House of Lasagna

The food was great. The lasagna and the chicken were, anyway. Sam’s vegetarian lasagna was so cheesy-creamy that meat was totally non-essential. Alex’s three-cheese lasagna had that depth and richness that only blue cheese could provide.

Fried chicken at House of Lasagna

And Speedy’s chicken? Perfectly fried. Golden crisp skin with moist and tender meat. Wonderful.

Unfortunately for me, my meatballs tasted like they had been made with sweet longganisa. I might as well have eaten the pasta with just the tomato sauce (which was good) but then the idea of wasting food was, well… I ate the two meatballs (how meagre, right?) and downed them with a glass of water.

Orders of pasta come with all-you-can-eat garlic bread at House of Lasagna and we LOVED that.

When we paid our bill, we chatted up the waitress because we wanted to know more about the half tray and whole tray orders. She told us that “half tray” was good for four to six persons and “whole tray” could feed as many as a dozen people. She also informed us that House of Lasagna has delivery service (but not as far as our suburban boondock, naturally). She handed us a brochure which looks pretty much like its menu. The “whole tray” order is definitely worth considering for the endless holiday parties and get-togethers.

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