Honey – lemon drink

Live interaction with readers is one thing that a column writer does not enjoy. Lucky me, I was a blogger before I was a newspaper columnist so I know the value of real feedbacks–minus, of course, the kind of muck that seems to be the staple of political blogs. I do get my share in The Sassy Lawyer’s Journal.

The interaction in this blog, in particular, has been a wonderful source of insights, information, cooking tips and even health advice. In the comment thread of my honey-lemon-ginger chicken recipe, reader Malou shares her favorite hot drink made, quite simply, with fresh lemon juice, honey and hot water.

casaveneracion.com honey-lemon drink

After the school bus picked up the kids this morning, instead of going for my second cup of coffee, as is my habit, I tried Malou’s concoction and, I must say, I enjoyed it tremendously. It was very good.

Malou recommends a proportion of 1 tsp. honey and the juice of a quarter of a lemon in a cup of freshly-boiled water. I like my morning drink a little strong so I increased the amount to 2 tbsps. of honey and the juice of half a lemon in a cup of hot water. It went so well with my ham-and-lettuce sandwich. :)

Thank you, Malou. I just developed a new addiction. :)

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