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Homemade scented oils for the diffuser

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And so, it finally happened. The scented oil that came with the diffuser that I received as a Christmas gift from a friend has evaporated. It’s time to make my own scented oils. Why not just buy? Because most of the commercially-available scented oils are too diluted with alcohol and that makes them evaporate faster. I want scented oils that will last longer.

I’ve read and read, checked out different processes, paid attention to so many tips, and I’m ready.

It starts with the carrier oil — an oil with a neutral smell that will not compete with the fragrance of the ingredients that will be added to it. Light olive oil, almond oil, safflower oil, grapeseed oil and soya oil are all recommended. I went with the soya oil — it’s the least expensive the most available in my part of the world.

For the fragrances, I chose three combinations: cinnamon, vanilla and cloves; orange and native lemon peels; and mint and kaffir lime leaves.

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The procedure? Simple. Place the ingredients (make sure they’re dry) in a clean jar, fill up with oil, cover and leave for two weeks in a spot where they will get sunlight for several hours a day. A window sill that gets a lot of sun is recommended.

Shake the jar everyday.

After two weeks, strain the oil. If it isn’t not fragrant enough, stuff the jar with fresh ingredients and pour in the strained oil. Replace the jar in the sunshine-y spot, leave for another two weeks then strain again.

I just filled those jars today. In two weeks, I’ll post an update as to whether they’re ready for the diffuser or whether they need another two weeks with fresh ingredients.

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