Homemade flavored iced tea

If I can’t stop complaining about the heat this summer, it’s because there’s still too much to complain about. Often, I feel I’m going to wither — literally. There seems to be no respite even at midnight.

Naturally, we’ve been consuming a lot of cold drinks. Ice trays in the freezer aren’t enough anymore. My husband buys tube ice by the bag almost everyday. We have an assortment of fruit juices in cans and cartons and we’re gobbling them up like crazy. The two things we don’t buy anymore are powdered juices and iced tea. They’re nothing but a bunch of artificial flavors and loads of sugar. We’ve been boycotting bottled iced tea as well. As an alternative, I thought about making iced tea from flavored tea in bags. With honey. Sounds much healthier than commercial drinks.

casaveneracion.com home-made flavored iced tea

This is not an original idea. A friend taught me this trick many years ago when iced tea was a new phenomenon and there were no powdered iced tea mixes that allowed us to enjoy it the lazy way.

The nice thing about making your own iced tea is that, with the variety of flavored tea in bags available in supermarkets, you can have a unique blend of fruits and spices in your iced tea. You can even choose between flavored green tea and black tea.

casaveneracion.com flavored tea in bags

It’s easy. Place two teabags in a cup. Pour in boiling water and let the tea seep in the hot water for 3 to 5 minutes. I recommend using a small cup so that there is less liquid that will need to be cooled. You’re going to add cold water and ice anyway so it is immaterial how strong the tea is.

Remove the tea bags and pour the tea in a pitcher. Add about half a cup of cold water to make it lukewarm. Add honey, about 1/4 cup, and stir well. Add enough cold water and ice to fill four regular drinking glasses. Give the iced tea a final stir before pouring and serving.

Try it, you’d be surprised at how different iced tea tastes minus all the artificial flavorings. And substituting honey in lieu of sugar makes it even better. :)

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