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Home decorating 101: a bowl of eggs on the coffee table

I love jade. But there’s the ultra expensive jade and the less expensive jadeite. When I saw these handpainted jade (jadeite, I’m sure) eggs in Singapore, I couldn’t resist.

casaveneracion.com ornamental-hand-painted-eggs1

Two inches long without the stand. There were bigger ones, but the bigger the more expensive.

casaveneracion.com ornamental-hand-painted-eggs1

That’s my idea of an ornament. I bought two. The two globes at the background are not eggs.

casaveneracion.com ornamental-hand-painted-globe1

They’re… well, glass globes — with a twist.

casaveneracion.com ornamental-hand-painted-globe1

See the hole underneath? The glass is about a quarter or so of an inch thick but inside it is hollow. The artwork is painted from inside. A brush is inserted into that hole and the painting is executed. According to the Chinese shopkeeper, painters who do this kind of artwork hold their breath as they paint. I’d seen a documentary on these glass globes and the procedure is really amazing. We all know about painting on a surface facing the artist but inserting a paintbrush into a hole and painting the glass from inside? Amazing.

casaveneracion.com ornamental-hand-painted-globe1

The artwork depict a scene and the completed scene can be viewed by the turning the globe around. Here’s another.

casaveneracion.com ornamental-hand-painted-globe1

casaveneracion.com ornamental-hand-painted-globe1

But I mentioned a bowl of eggs on the coffee table in the title and you must be wondering where they are. Okay. Click the link to page two to see them — and they’re not a bowl of hand painted jadeite eggs, trust me, because that would be way too expensive for me.

So, after buying the pair of jadeite eggs, I got a little obsessed with eggs. And when we were in Dapitan (you know, where we bought the gorgeous back-to-back wall clock and where Speedy got the wind chimes and Alex’s katana) last week and I saw these smooth eggs, I was hooked.

casaveneracion.com marble-eggs1

Marble, according to the sales girl although I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re made from some other stone. I don’t really care — I just love them. I don’t like flower vases on the coffee table (who says a flower vase is a must on the living room coffee table, anyway?) but these eggs are perfect.

casaveneracion.com marble-eggs2

They come in five colors — white, brown, green, beige and yellow. I bought three of each. I placed them on a glass bowl and realized I didn’t have enough. We went back to Dapitan today and I bought 15 more. I don’t usually get carried away with home decorating but when I see something I really like, well…

casaveneracion.com marble-eggs3

The wooden bowl — a flower-shaped salad bowl, believe it or not — (yes, I ditched the glass bowl idea at Speedy’s suggestion) was also bought in Dapitan. Fifty pesos, no kidding. The eggs? Three for fifty pesos. Not bad at all.

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