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Holiday paper crafts

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Holiday paper crafts

For the past two years, we have been making personalized gift tags for Christmas. Two years ago, the gift tags were simple computer printed affairs but especially designed by the girls. Last year, it was something more. We cut figures from colored paper and glued glitters on the gift tags. I love doing projects like these with the girls. I’m not into Christmas decorating but if it means lots of bonding time with them, it makes the season mean something even for an agnostic like me. We didn’t put up any Christmas decor last year but we’re doing it this year based on the understanding that this won’t be about pandering to the crass commercialism that has become associated with Christmas. Rather, this is going to be about lots of family time doing projects together. Holiday Paper Crafts from Japan by Robertta A. Uhl

So, I bought Holiday Paper Crafts from Japan by Robertta A. Uhl (Tuttle Publishing, 2007) a couple of weeks ago and, yesterday, we started doing some projects. Paper craft project: angels for the Christmas tree

These angels seemed like the simplest project. No washi paper for us. We used excess gift wrapping paper from last year. I had to buy some ribbons though. Christmas tree ornaments

So, there’s the result of a few hours of work. Sam painted the heads, I pleated the paper. We both did the assembly and the trimming. We made a mess on the floor of my home office (we’ll get a table from downstairs next time) but it was fun. Noisy fun. Lots of heckling. And music (Sam’s iPod playing Bob Marley in the background). And Alex chatting non-stop while she sat by the window doing her sketching. Sunday is Speedy’s cooking day so we let him be in the kitchen as he whipped up his version of arroz a la Cubana.

Next weekend, I’m hoping to get Alex and Speedy to sit down with Sam and me at least for part of the day. That’ll be even more fun.

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