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Her name is Sam Lim and her matcha cookies are delicious

Sam Lim's Lady Matcha cookies

Eight years ago when I was still writing a column for a broadsheet, I featured three budding food entrepreneurs. One was a lawyer promoting “corn coffee”. The second was a U.P. employee who sold cakes and cookies on the side, and who earned enough from her sideline to save and take up a masteral course in the United Kingdom. The third was a teenager who baked cookies as a hobby and as a way to learn what it takes to start a business. Her name is Sam Lim and she’s still baking and selling cookies to this day.

Sam is the daughter of my classmate from U.P. Law, Billie. Billie and I gave birth to our firstborn on the same year and we chose the same name for our girls — Samantha. When Billie asked me a couple of days ago if she could send over samples of Sam’s matcha cookies, I did not hesitate. The cookies Sam baked as a teenager were good enough for selling; I just knew that she’d have acquired even more skills over the years. I was not mistaken. It is my pleasure to feature her matcha cookies because they are truly delicious.

What makes Sam Lim’s matcha cookies so good? Let me count the ways:

1. The texture is superb. The cookies are crisp around the edges but chewy at the center. Textural contrast in the same piece of food is a wonderful thing.

2. Embedded in each cookie are pieces of green tea flavored “custard”. They’re probably not custard by strict definition but that’s the best description I can give it. I’m thinking white chocolate flavored with green tea but that’s just a guess. I toyed with the idea of calling up Sam to ask what they are but why oblige her to divulge her secret? She should keep that secret. It is enough for me to have experienced it. Biting into a delicious cookie is one thing; finding another layer of texture inside was the most pleasant surprise I have had in a while. You can see part of the piece of “custard” from the photo above. That’s why I included a shot of a cross section of the matcha cookie.

Sam Lim's Lady Matcha cookies

3. She had me at the salt. Each cookie is lightly sprinkled with salt and we now go into contrast in flavors. Salty and sweet go together so well if you haven’t discovered yet. That’s what makes salted caramel so devastatingly enticing. And it’s the same with Sam’s matcha cookies. Sweet cookies with a hint of earthiness from the green tea plus a bit of saltiness with every bite. Truly exquisite.

Sam Lim's Lady Matcha cookies

This is not a paid post. I promote what I want and I only promote products whose quality I can vouch for.

If you want to experience Sam Lim’s matcha cookies, she may be reached at +639178175682.

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