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We harvested lettuce then I made a salad dressing

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We harvested lettuce then I made a salad dressing

We harvested lettuce then I made a salad dressing |

When I wrote about harvesting lettuce two days ago, I didn’t mean that we harvested all the lettuce in the garden. I took a third then, I took another third earlier today and, the final third, I will reserve for when vegetarian Sam comes home for the weekend. She really should experience the wonders of genuine garden-fresh salad greens.

Meanwhile, for the portion that I harvested for lunch today, I made a salad dressing — a special one that starts with the classic olive-oil balsamic vinegar combo but to which I added so much more.

The result? So good that I’ll make another batch, keep it in a jar and have it waiting for when Sam gets home. She will like it.

Let it not be said though that just because we are so totally smitten with the garden-fresh lettuce experience, Speedy and I have decided to turn vegetarian too. I think we’re way past that option.


So, yes, we had salad but it was a side salad that I served with lechon kawali — not fried, as usual. To that reader who commented in another post that I shouldn’t call it lechon kawali because it wasn’t cooked in a kawali, if you’re still lurking around, feel free to rub that photo on your face — it might widen your perspective.

The salad dressing recipe is very simple. The formula is one part lemon juice, two parts balsamic vinegar and three parts extra virgin olive oil. What “part” means depends on how much salad dressing you want to make. It can be tablespoon, a quarter cup or even a cup.

To the mixture, add salt and pepper to taste. Then, stir in some minced garlic, finely sliced finger chilies and enough sugar to create a delicate balance.

And that’s the salad dressing! Toss your salad vegetables in it and enjoy.


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