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DIY Handmade Christmas Gift Tags

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DIY Handmade Christmas Gift Tags

One thing that I always look forward to during Christmas is making the gift tags. I know, it sounds duh! But, for years, making Christmas gift tags has been both an outlet for creativity and a family effort. Last year, the kids did most of the work — they did the designing and the designs were printed on sticker paper. The year before that, they used glitters and glue.

Spend bonding time with your kids making DIY handmade gift tags using design punchers, glitters, paste and colored cardboards. It's incredibly fun!

This year, we did everything together — the three of us, I mean, because Speedy was at the office yesterday for their Christmas party. I bought a couple of design punchers, glitters, paste and colored cardboards then Sam brought out her stack of construction paper and colored pentel pens. We pasted cutouts and glitters at the back of my excess business cards and the results were… okay, we’re no professional artists but the shared work and the fun and laughter that went with making the gift tags were simply priceless. PRICELESS. You have to be a mother to understand.

Spend bonding time with your kids making DIY handmade gift tags using design punchers, glitters, paste and colored cardboards. It's incredibly fun!

The gift tags themselves didn’t look too shabby either. :)

I’m thinking of asking the kids if making Christmas gift tags is something we can do every year even when they are all grown up. I am still awash in the the afterglow of the fun we had yesterday. The mess was incredible (we worked on the bed with the aircon on so that no electric fan would blow away the glitters and cutouts), the bantering was non-stop (both girls claimed that my designs were too plain and corny — see the photo and judge for yourself) and we had to take a Doritos-and-garlic-cream-dip break in the middle of it all.

What can I say? It was too wonderful for words.

There is always an opportunity to bond with your kids. You just have to keep your mind open so that the chance does not pass you by.

The handmade gift tags went with these.

Beautiful inexpensive gift wrappers

I was planning on using (recycled) Manila paper with red and green ribbons made of ordinary yarn but I found these gift wrappers on sale. At P19.75 for three rolls, well, that’s a no-brainer, I think.

Beautiful inexpensive gift wrappers

And the colors… oh, the colors! I simply couldn’t resist. It was Sam who decided which rolls we should use first and which we should hold on to and not use at all unless it’s absolutely necessary. She RESERVED three rolls — the ones with the prettiest designs and colors — for I know not what.

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