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Ground pork and diced eggplants with three sauces Ground pork and diced eggplants with three sauces

As abhorrent as I find ready-made sauces and mixes — especially ginisa mixes — I love bottled dipping sauces. And I find it amusing to use them for purposes they were not originally intended for.

Case in point: I’ve had these three bottled sauces — soy ginger sauce (salty), chili garlic sauce (spicy) and oriental seasoning (sweet) — for weeks, rarely used because although they are passably good for dipping, there’s really nothing extraordinary about them. But used together, not for dipping but for cooking, they yielded a lip-smacking dish.

I am not suggesting that you buy all three sauces you see in the photo to create this dish. I’m saying look inside your pantry and try experimenting by combining what you already have to create something new.


  • 250 g. of ground pork
    3 large eggplants, diced
    1 large onion, sliced thinly
    about 5 tbsps. of vegetable cooking oil
    about 1/3 c. of combined bottled sauces, in proportions that taste good to you
    ground black pepper, optional
    salt, optional


  1. Heat the cooking oil. Add the diced eggplants. Cook, moving the eggplants around, until they have soaked up most of the oil.

    Add the ground pork. Cook, stirring and tossing, until the meat is lightly browned and the eggplants are almost done.

    Add the onions. Stir.

    Pour in the sauces. Cook until the sauces coat the eggplants, pork and onion slices. Taste and add salt and pepper (and whatever other spices you think will go well with the dish), if necessary.

    Turn off the heat and serve at once.

    For a more exciting presentation and added texture, serve on a bed of scrambled eggs.

Cooking time (duration): 15 minutes

Number of servings (yield): 3 to 4

Meal type: lunch / supper

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