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Greek food at Cyma

Greek food at Cyma | casaveneracion.com

Thursday isn’t traditionally a “date night” but then we’re not traditional people. Speedy and I went out to see a movie and eat out. At Shangri-La Plaza because that was where Crazy, Stupid, Love was showing. Screening time was 6.40 p.m. and we had only an hour to eat dinner. Because of its proximity to the moviehouse and because we so fell in love with Go Greek!, we decided to eat at another one of chef Robby Goco’s delectable “projects.”

Unlike Go Greek!, Cyma is no fast food. There are more dishes to choose from and you can even order wine to pair with your food. The place isn’t large, a lot of tables were reserved but, being a weekday, it wasn’t so crowded and we were seated almost as soon as we entered.

Greek food at Cyma

Speedy ordered a lamb gyro which was served with cheese-sprinkled potato wedges. I know a lot of people who shy away from lamb because of the gamey aroma and taste but, at Cyma, they know how to cook their lamb. No gamey anything — just well seasoned tender and juicy lamb meat. Yes, I had a bite of the lamb gyro and it was fantastic.

I ordered a chicken souvlaki which was served with two pieces of whole wheat pita. If you’re a long time reader, you’d probably be aware of my aversion to chicken breast — especially if it is skinless. I just don’t like white meat because, in comparison to red meat, it is dry and less tasty.

Greek food at Cyma

But dryness and lack of flavor were not issues with my chicken souvlaki. We were discussing the food as we ate and I told Speedy I was sure that the chicken and the vegetables were marinated in seasoned olive oil for hours and hours before they were skewered and grilled. So juicy. So tasty. And the vegetables were tantalizingly sweet. The side salad — tomatoes and onions — tasted of red wine vinegar. I’m practically drooling as I write this as I recall the souvlaki experience just hours ago.

But you know what the best part about dining at Cyma is? It’s the best part about Go Greek! too. There is no fancy food decoration — no food pieces that serve no other purpose than to be ornaments. Everything on the plate is edible. Everything. Even the lemon wedge as you’re really supposed to squeeze the juice over the meat and veggies before eating. That’s a huge thing for me because I thumb my nose at restaurants (and cooks) who try to deflect your attention from the so-so food by overpowering you with the visual effect. That, for me, is a cheap and pathetic gimmick.

So, okay, we’re officially in love with Cyma. Speedy and I agreed that we should bring the girls there on our next visit. Which will probably be when we go and see Contagion. The girls will love it there. Oh, yes, they will.

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