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Grape-flavored mochi

The last time we went to DEC Chinese Deli, we bought three boxes of fruit-flavored mochi. Grape. Strawberry. And I forget the third one. That was months ago, after all. Grape-flavored mochi

Mochi is a Japanese pounded glutinous rice cake, very much like the Chinese nian gao (or what we call tikoy) and it is also associated with the New Year celebration. Mochi is made into confectionery called machigashi which is filled with sweets — either nuts, fruits or bean paste. DEC Chinese Deli

But the best kind of mochi — for me, at least — is the kind filled with ice cream. I first tasted mochi ice cream in Taiwan, I was so happy when it made an appearance in the local market but, apparently, Filipinos are not fans of mochi ice cream because the appearance was short-lived. Too bad, really. But, at least, we can still get fruit-filled mochi in Asian deli stores.

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