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The accidental granola breakfast

The accidental granola breakfast |

Occasionally, I make granola bars for vegetarian Sam. We’ve tried different versions, we’ve cut them into different shapes and we’ve experimented with different combinations. Most times, I pack the granola bars so Sam could take them to the condo. They’re a quick and convenient snack especially since there aren’t too many vegetarian places where she stays on weekdays and the few ones are not exactly student budget-friendly.

Such was the case last night when I baked a huge tray of granola bars. The problem was that, in this terrible summer heat, the mixture did not have enough time to cool and become firm before it was time for Sam and Alex to leave. I was obliged to cut the mass into squares before it was ready and, as a result, some parts crumbled. I gathered the loose granola, set it aside in an airtight jar and packed the bars for Sam.

This morning, I poured about three quarters cup of the loose granola into a bowl and added milk. Instant breakfast. homemade muesli

So, if you bake granola bars and some crumble during cutting, don’t throw away the loose granola. You didn’t fail. You succeeded in supplying yourself with instant breakfast for a day or two. Keep all of loose granola in an airtight container. It’s baked and toasted so it should keep for a couple of days before it loses its crisp texture.

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