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Gourmet’s sun-dried tomato pesto

I’m a big fan of sun-dried tomatoes especially if they come soaked in herbed olive oil. But what if the oil-soaked sun dried tomatoes were pureed to form a paste?

Enter the sun-dried tomato pesto. Discovered at the Gourmet’s Cafe shop in Silang, Cavite, I always thought that it would make a great base for a toasted cheese sandwich but haven’t had the chance to test my theory.

Then, this afternoon, too lazy to make a chunky tomato sauce to make pizza bread, I spread the sun-dried tomato pesto on the split bread instead. Delicious! And because pesto is all about concentrated flavors, the small amount that I spread on the bread did not make it soggy.

Note to self: Next time, try tossing hot pasta with sun-dried tomato pesto.

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