Mighty Meaty

Goto (congee with beef tripe) with coconut milk. Winner!

casaveneracion.com congee-coconut-milk

Lugaw (congee; rice porridge) is ubiquitous in Asia and there are so many ways to enjoy it. Mostly, it’s the toppings and accompaniments that vary and give the plain lugaw a unique flavor and look each time. But what if it’s the lugaw itself that’s given a new twist?

On a whim, I added coconut milk to my goto (beef tripe congee) and the result was surprisingly good!

casaveneracion.com congee-coconut-milk2

Nothing new to learn here, really, if you already know how to make lugaw (click here for the basic lugaw recipe) Simply use less broth than usual so that the lugaw is really thick. Pour in the coconut milk when the lugaw is done, how much depends on how creamy you want the result, simmer for another five to ten minutes and that’s it!

To serve, instead of the more common sliced shallots for garnish, try thinly sliced Thai basil which goes very well with coconut milk.

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