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Good Shepherd’s mango jam Good Shepherd's mango jam

Most Filipinos who go to Baguio associate the Good Shepherd Convent with strawberry jam and ube (purple yam) jam. I used to be one of them until I discovered Good Shepherd’s mango jam the other weekend. It was almost an afterthought, really, buying a jar of the stuff. Speedy was already in the queue to buy what our girls wanted, and I was ambling around, waiting for him when my feet carried me in front of the large glass stand where all of Good Shepherd’s products were on display. Most didn’t interest me, I had seen and tried them before, but there was these jars of bright yellow stuff. I peered closer, read “mango jam” and I walked briskly to where Speedy was to say I wanted a jar of mango jam.

In a word, glorious. This is a dozen times better than the factory-made artificially thickened stuff found in the grocery. This is old-school jam. Good Shepherd's mango jam

For Manila folk, you don’t really have to drive to Baguio to buy Good Shepherd’s Mountain Maid products. There is an outlet just beside St. Bridget School along Aurora Boulevard in Quezon City. But if you’re the nostalgic kind who thinks that Good Shepherd’s jams don’t taste and smell the same unless bought in Baguio, well, a vacation won’t hurt.

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