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Go Greek! Fastfood re-defined

Except when I’m abroad, I stay away from food courts. Reason? In the Philippines, food courts (found in shopping malls, mostly), offer the same thing. The stalls you’ll find in one food court are the same stalls you’ll find in other food courts. Same companies. Same reheated over-floured food. Same small servings made to look huge by smothering everything with bland sauces.

Then, two nights ago, we found ourselves at the Glorietta 4 where one of the few cinemas that Captain America was still showing was located. It took us an hour and a half to manage the 4.7 kilometer distance between Taft Avenue in Manila to Ayala Avenue in Makati because of the hair-raising traffic and we were very, very hungry. Sam saw “Greek” and, having fallen in love with Greek food after a meal at Mano’s Greek Taverna in Tagaytay, we decided to give Go Greek! a try. Great decision.

casaveneracion.com chicken gyro

Speedy and Alex each ordered a chicken gyro. What is it? It’s like the Middle Eastern shawarma. BUT don’t think of supermarket stall quality shawarma because the chicken gyro at Go Greek! is a hundred times better. Bite size chicken cubes, a thickish wonderful sauce and sprinkled with fresh chopped parsley.

casaveneracion.com moussaka

Sam, eggplant lover that she is, ordered a moussaka.

casaveneracion.com moussaka platter

A moussaka platter, to be more specific. Which means a generous piece of moussaka served with fresh vegetable salad and fried potatoes. The moussaka was meaty, the eggplants were sweet, the topping was soft and creamy but not drippy.

casaveneracion.com lamb kebob platter

I chose a lamb kebob platter. I was told it would take 10 minutes to prepare the kebob, I said that was okay but I had to wait for about 15 minutes and I admit I was getting royally pissed with the delay. But, as soon as I started eating my lamb, my irritation evaporated. As with Sam’s moussaka platter, my platter came with salad dressing for the veggies and garlicky sour cream for the potatoes. Wickedly delicious.

casaveneracion.com lamb kebob platter

The kebob — four generous chunks of lamb interspersed with whole tomatoes and quartered onions — was perfectly grilled. Wonderfully charred yet moist and tender. My only complaint? One of the lamb pieces had inedible cartilage.

casaveneracion.com fries

Alex had to have fries and they came generously sprinkled with parmesan cheese and fresh parsley.

The total bill which covered all that food plus two bottles of water was less than 800 pesos (about USD18).

Suddenly, I see food courts from a totally different perspective.

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