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Gluten-free rice, corn and vegetables pasta

No one in my family is gluten intolerant. No one is allergic to eggs either. I bought these packs of gluten-free and egg-free pasta out of curiosity. Gluten-free pasta

There were quite a number of varieties to choose from — rice, corn, rice and corn… Gluten-free pasta

… vegetable rice… Gluten-free pasta

… corn and vegetables… each variety in different shapes. I narrowed down my choices to three. Gluten-free pasta

Not only are they gluten and egg-free, they are also wheat and yeast-free.

The most important question of course is whether they are any good and whether they are much different from regular pasta made from semolina flour. They are good, they are starchier (needs longer rinsing after cooking) than pasta made from semolina and they take a shorter time to cook.

They are also rather expensive. P125.00 for 250 grams. I’ve satisfied my curiosity. At that price, they won’t be a regular item in my pantry.

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