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Garlic chopper, with a twist

I’ve seen a lot of tools for pressing, chopping and mincing garlic but this is the cutest, so far. And the best thing about it is that it does the job well.

Speedy got this as a birthday gift from his mom last year. It’s a garlic-shaped plastic tool with top and bottom parts.

Lift the top and you see teeth in both the top and bottom parts.

Put the peeled garlic cloves in the bottom part, replace the cover, twist and keep twisting… The curves and ridges make it easy to hold and twist the tool. If it had a smooth exterior, it won’t be that easy.

After a couple of twists, you have chopped garlic. Invert the bottom part and the “plate” that holds the garlic pops so it’s easy to scrape the chopped garlic.

I like it. Very convenient when there’s more than a couple of garlic cloves to chop.

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