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Furnishing the home office / study

Last Saturday, we had a party. A joint birthday party — mine, Buddy’s (my brother-in-law) and Buddy’s girlfriend, Laura. A family affair, really, but Speedy has a big family so it was not a small party. The only small part was my side of the family because I have only one sibling. It was loads of fun but it was also disorganized. There was a long table in my study that I intended to bring down so it could be used as part of the buffet set-up but wasn’t able to.

Since we were in the process of furnishing and organizing the study, Speedy and I finally ordered furniture from the same people who did the living room and dining room sets. I designed the bookshelves and desks so they’d fit an entire wall. They are compartmentalized so that Speedy and I can each have our own space. There is even a provision for the printer which is shared by everyone. We timed the delivery so that the old long table could be brought down at least a day before the party and so we could have enough time to organize everything in the study too.

On Friday morning, I was informed that the furniture could not be delivered as scheduled. To say that I was upset would be an understatement. I relayed my disappointment, I asked if it was possible to deliver on Saturday morning, I was told I would be updated but I didn’t get any more calls for the rest of the day. I resigned myself to the inevitable fact that we would be one table less. As late as it was, we tried to find where we could rent tables and chairs but we were pressed for time. Okay, so, it was a matter of making the best of what we had.

On Saturday evening, while the party was in full swing and I was in my full element, Sam told me there was a message on my iPhone. Wow, the furniture people were on their way — all the way from Pampanga. I could have been mean and told them to head back because I wasn’t going to interrupt my own party to accept the delivery. But the point was we needed the furniture because both Speedy and I needed the study to organize our stuff (and so he could remove his clutter from the bedroom).

Okay, so the delivery truck arrived. I was shuffling back and forth. I had to move my computer, I had to move the old table, and I was up and down the stairs because we had guests. In short, I didn’t get a good look at the shelves and desks until they were in the study already. And, damn, they weren’t according to the specifications we agreed upon. I specified solid wood and they were mostly made of plyboard. The finishing was a disaster and the pull out section for my keyboard was all screwed. But what was I to do? Was I going to make a scene right there and ruin the party? It was a terrible fix, I tell you. I was all smiles but, deep inside, I wanted to throw a fit. I paid the balance silently but I also vowed that these people wouldn’t get anymore business from us. We still have the family room to furnish, Sam and Alex need additional desks and there are a dozen other small things too.

But, anyway, it’s not a total disaster. It’s just that I’m terribly, terribly disappointed. And there’s the feeling that I’ve been cheated too. The price would be justified had solid wood been used but, plyboard? Gee, the price should have been fifty per cent less. Still, at least we’ve managed to organize and this is how the study looks now.

casaveneracion.com Desks, book shelves and couch in the study

If there is one thing I can’t complain about, it’s the couch (below). Rattan frame, red upholstery… it’s a birthday gift from Speedy. It’s beautiful, comfortable… it’s a dream. Speedy said the makers are good with couches and chairs but, apparently, office furniture isn’t their thing.

casaveneracion.com Couch with a rattan frame and red upholstery

The shelves and desks are usable but we’ll have to redo the finishing.

casaveneracion.com Desks cum bookshelves

For now, we’re happy enough that we’re better organized.

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