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Fruit flies that came and went with the wind

For two straight days, the wind howled. No, there’s no storm nor typhoon. There was a watchamacallit tropical depression last week, it rained for a few days and, after the rains had gone, the wind came. Stronger than a breeze, definitely, because it was strong enough to make the heavy glass pendant lamps above the kitchen island sway and bump against each other. I’m not sure if it was a high wind or a moderate gale but it was strong. And it went on and on, day and night.

With the winds came insects. Small ones that bite. Where they came from, I have no idea but, if I have to hazard a guess, they were probably dislodged by the wind from fruit trees in the neighborhood. So, I think they were fruit flies. Seemed logical to draw that conclusion considering that they huddled and hovered the most in the dining room, the kitchen and anywhere where there was leftover food or drink. insects2

See the coffee cup on my study table? Oh, they liked it. insects3

Because they aren’t mosquitoes, they seemed immune to all our anti-mosquito contraptions. And we have a lot from lotions to mosquito coils to electronic repellent. insects

We were getting very annoyed — and desperate — and I started reading up to look for ways to get rid of them. No, please don’t even mention screens. I hate screens because they ruin natural ventilation. After reading some half a dozen articles, I found a doable solution — vinegar trap.

The funny thing is that after I found a solution, the wind died and the fruit flies disappeared. Well, not totally, there are still a few but definitely not the hoard that seemed to hover everywhere for two days. If they ever come back, I am so going to make the vinegar trap — lots of them and I’ll put one, or maybe more, in every part of the house.

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