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Fried isaw (intestines)

casaveneracion.com Fried isaw (intestines)

In Asia, no animal part goes to waste. We eat fish heads as well as the internal organs of mammals. They are all delicacies. While grilled pork and chicken isaw (intestines) have long been a popular part of the street food landscape, we never heard of fried isaw until our daughters went off to college. According to them, fried pork isaw was and continues to be all the rage around the university.

Because parking is always a headache in the school area, Speedy and I never had a chance to sample the fried pork isaw. Speedy found the Antipolo version a couple of days ago, fried chicken isaw, but with intestines, I prefer pork over chicken.

Why? Because pork intestines can be thoroughly cleaned by flushing the inside under the tap. Just attach one end much like you’d attach a rubber hose onto a faucet, turn on the tap full blast and anything inside the intestines get flushed out. With the size of chicken intestines, it just isn’t possible to do that.

casaveneracion.com Fried isaw (intestines)

So, how are the fried chicken intestines served? Skewered, dipped in batter then fried partially. When someone places an order, the skewered intestines are thrown into the hot oil a second time and cooked at a very high temperature until browned and crisp. Then, they are served with dipping sauce — sweet, sour, spicy… there is often a bevy to choose from and all the customer has to do is point and choose which he prefers.

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