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French cakes at Bizu Patisserie

It was a long weekend and we spent the last day food tripping. My mother wanted to treat us, who was I to say no, so we had a very filling Southeast Asian lunch at a restaurant that I’ll write about later. I want to jump ahead and write about the coffee and cakes first. It’s been too long since we enjoyed Bizu Patisserie‘s French cakes and I’m glad I chose Bizu for our mid-afternoon coffee yesterday.

The coffee was faultless, as usual, but I’ll skip that part and go straight to the cakes.

casaveneracion.com Luscious fresh mangoes crown French-style cheesecake.

Alex had the Mango Chiboust which is mango-topped French-style cheesecake. I love the artistry in the flower-like arrangement of the mango slices. It’s not mango season, the mango slices aren’t as sweet as they would be if it were summer, but the cheesecake was lovely so Alex had no complaints.

casaveneracion.com Valrhona orange chocolate mousse between layers of crème brulee and brownie.

I chose Amour, not for its romantic name, but because I love all three of its components and because I just adore orange and chocolate together.


Amour is Valrhona orange chocolate mousse between layers of crème brulee and brownie.


Sam’s cake was the Nirvana.

casaveneracion.com A blend of caramel chocolate mousse and pistachio cream on a bed of crisp chocolate crunch and chocolate cake covered with homemade chocolate brilliant sauce.

Aptly named as it was a heavenly combination of chocolate mousse and pistachio cream covered with a sauce with a mouth feel of thin ganache.

casaveneracion.com Sugarless and Flourless chocolate Kahlua mousse cake with hazelnuts and special chiboust cream.

My mother was the only one who opted for something sugarless. Called Jolie, this was the only cake that I didn’t taste because I really do not like the aftertaste of sugar substitute.

Three coffees, a pot of tea and four cakes amounted to a little over PHP1500.00. No, Bizu Patisserie cakes are not inexpensive. But, like I often say, when the quality justifies the price, I don’t mind paying premium. And Bizu cakes are definitely worth their price tags.

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