For St. Patrick’s Day: after dinner mint

For St. Patrick’s Day: after dinner mint | casaveneracion.com

After a quick trip to the market, Speedy checked his Facebook account, found a lot of Happy St. Patrick’s Day greetings from his family, relatives and friends in the U.S. and asked if I had posted anything for St. Patrick’s Day. I said no — no post for St. Patrick’s Day. An Irish cultural and religious holiday, St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated not only in Ireland but in other parts of the world by the Irish diaspora. It is not celebrated in the Philippines and I’m not familiar with it save for the image of the shamrock which seems to be closely associated with the event.

Speedy browsed some more, told me that I should repost the Absinthe B-55 recipe because it appears in searches for St. Patrick’s Day. Bailey’s Irish Cream is an ingredient of Absinthe B-55 and, hence, the Irish connection. Hmmmm… he’s getting more global than I am, I must say. I was about to do as he suggested when I realized that there is a cocktail drink that he mixed way back in 2010 but which I never posted as a recipe article. It’s a layered drink called After Dinner Mint and Bailey’s Irish Cream is among the three ingredients.

With no offense to the Irish who, I am sure, reveres St. Patrick and his feast day beyond the enjoyment of Irish dishes and the casual association with the use of Irish ingredients, here is a wonderful drink made with equal parts of Kahlua, creme de menthe and Bailey’s Irish Cream, in that order, served in a shot glass. For more on layered drinks and specific gravity, click here. You’ll need that info to understand how the layers are formed. Once you’ve read that, you’ll realize that, armed with the information about what this After Dinner Mint is made with, a recipe in the traditional sense would really be superfluous.

Cocktail drinks and coffee cocktails with Bailey’s Irish Cream:

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