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We were in U.P. Los Baños and Tagaytay earlier today, a kind of spontaneous thing, we left at the crack of dawn and before I could submit my column for Tuesday’s paper. Work is work, just because it’s a school holiday didn’t mean I had an excuse for not submitting my column. So, after lunch, I moved to another table and worked. For 30 minutes, I wrote my column (yes, we brought laptops and there was free Wifi). While I did, Sam decided to entertain herself, and her father, by taking photos. Like this. Speedy Veneracion Speedy Veneracion

And this. Alex and Speedy veneracion

And this. Alex was sleepy and didn’t look too happy to serve as her sister’s model.

Then, Sam probably got tired of her human subjects and decided that a lemon was more interesting. What lemon? The skins of the lemon wedges that I had earlier squeezed onto our chicken tikka.

Okay, watch the lemon. lemon splash

Sam had just dropped it from a height right into the glass of water that was already cloudy with I don’t know what. lemon splash

She dropped the lemon with her left hand and, with her right hand holding the camera, she clicked to freeze the splash of the water as the lemon broke into the surface. lemon splash

And she did it again. lemon splash

And again. lemon splash

And again. lemon splash

Until she was happy that the splash couldn’t get any better. lemon splash

Good thing I finished the column within 30 minutes. Otherwise, the tabletop would have been soaked with splashes of water. Good thing too that we were the only customers. Otherwise, people might have wondered who the weird people were.

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